Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why do you blog?

This morning I was listening to @jaffejuice and @mitchjoel on the Jaffe Juice Podcast talking about whether or not it's too late to stake your claim in the social world. When they started talking about blogging and why they blog I thought it would be interesting to find out why other people blog. So today I didn't a little experiment. On twitter I asked: Why do you blog?

I left this an open question, not asked of anyone in particular, and pretty general to see what answer I would get.

Well, here is what I got.
  • matt_gavenda: @akarlin I guess the question for me is, why don't I blog enough...but that's me. Why do you?
  • JPeters1221: I have a wide range of opinions, and a big mouth. RT @akarlin: Why do you blog?
  • pizzaNH: .@akarlin We blog because we love pizza and discovering new places, so why not be productive and write about it? :)
Not only are these are great and interesting answers. It makes me question why I blog. Unfortunately I don't blog enough but I do it when something moves me. Truthfully I'm a horrible writer so I try to write as little as possible. If I go on for pages, you really know it moved me. So that is why I blog.

So tell me, why do you blog?

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Anonymous said...

Hmm. I blog to blog - blog to explore and to learn things. I blog to process and to 'move through' things I haven't done in awhile or ever done. I blog to be part of this community of discussionites - of idea sharers and makers of conversation. I think mostly I blog to know more. Through experience, discovery and expression I believe I'm able to challenge myself, to grow and to engage others. And I like that.

Glad you asked. ; ) (Ps, I am here to vote for your SxSW panel - where do I do that?)