Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Podcasts I Enjoy

Since my Blog is about Random stuff I thought today I would like to write about what podcasts I enjoy on my way into work and driving home from work.

My 8 Favorite Podcasts:
  1. The 404 on CNET This podcast is witty, funny, and geeky. My 3 favorite things.

  2. Buzz Out Loud on CNET For a more serious look at everything tech in the news. And some laughs...

  3. This Week in Tech They do find some news that everyone is not talking about. And this podcast runs longer.

  4. Gadgettes Podcast Fun, pretty, bad, & cute Gadgets.

  5. This Week in Google Love hearing what is new in Google and what Google has to say about their new products.

  6. PodRunner Intervals Gets your heart rate going for a good work out. And it's Free! Woot!

  7. NPR: Technology Podcast A very concise to the point podcast.

  8. Diggnation Used to be at the top of my list. The problem is they do the podcast too late so the top Digg's are way too old now. Good for laughs.

Don't agree? What are your favorite podcasts? I'm always looking for new ones to enjoy!


Reff said...

i was looking at who is going to jrsoxup and the neolane caught my eye --> your blog. I'm a huge fan of the Diggnation boys and TWIT. May I also suggest Slate's Political Gabfest, This American Life and WNYC's Radio Lab. cyu Friday night!


Welcome to Random Babblings & Stuff ! said...

Hi Reff,

Great suggestions. Thanks for letting me know. I will add them to my feed now.

Thanks for commenting!
~ Alexis