Friday, October 10, 2008

McAnnoying Ads

Is it just me or do the new McCafe ads annoy anyone?

If they annoy you feel free to read further. If they don't well then I suggest you read further.

First of they make Latte/Cappuccino drinkers a stereotype. Why? Well their commercials show 2 people sitting at posh place drinking lattes with cute caps, tight sweaters, and glasses. One of the 2 people bring up that McDonald's has Cappuccinos. Then it shows them taking off all of those items so they can drink a McCafe late. It suggest that the typical drinkers are a certain type of person. Rightt not so much.

Last time I was at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or my local coffee shop there were a vast array of people sipping on Cappuccinos and Lattes. Some people had on glasses and some didn't. Some people wore turtle necks and some didn't.

So just because McDonald's thinks that the McLate or McCappucinno will change peoples personas, I think not. You are who are you, you drink what you want, and you sure as hell don't change your image because of McDonald's.

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Amy said...

This ad is so sexist, it makes me want to SMASH.