Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great Way to Try New Wines!

Have you ever wanted to try some new wines, while not being committed to purchasing a whole bottle?

Well, I have the perfect way for you to do this. But I need to provide you with a little back story first.

Back Story

2 months ago my roommate went to a wine tasting at a restaurant called Ivy hosted by The Second Glass and Social Boston Sports. It was a really great wine tasting with a 5 course appetizer menu included so the food was perfectly paired with the wines for only $25. Anyways that isn't the point of this post. So we sat next to this woman Connie and of course we asked the question that everyone asks, what do you do for a living? Connie said that she hosts at home wine tastings. She comes to your house with 5 bottles of wine you have pre-selected, you sample them with friends, and then you have the option to buy the wines you sampled. So we got her card and said we would call her in a couple of months.

The Whole Story

So a couple of months later we asked Connie if we could set up a tasting. She said of course, sent us a wine list to choose from, and a packet of the goodies her company also offers. We selected 4 reds and 1 white that we think would go well with our taste buds and our check books, all wines were under $15.00 per bottle. We gathered about 10 of our closest friends, asked them to bring appetizers to our apartment for a 3 hour wine tasting, and they did. We had a variety of foods that went well with the wines we choose to try out; crackers, cheeses, spreads, dips, vegetables, apple pie, and chocolate.

So at 7:30 on the dot Connie arrived with a really great wine cooler, 15 glasses for tasting, catalogs, and wine glasses that she painted herself that go with the Passport option. Not only was she organized but she knew what she was talking about. The first bottle she taught us how to check the wine for color, body, smell, and taste. Then we were allowed to taste all the wines as they were opened. She taught us that swirling was our friend because it aired the wine to give it more smell and flavor. Not only she was extremely knowledgeable about the wines we tried but she answered any other questions we had about wine.

After we tried all the wines she explained that if we wanted to place an order with her we could. If we did not want to place an order we didn't have to which was great because it didn't feel like you were being pressured. And guess what? Everyone ordered!

So if you are looking for something fun to do one night I recommend you host a wine tasting at your apartment. And if you host one at your apartment and your friends order wine, you get a percentage off of the wine you purchase, free shipping, and a free bottle of wine. It lasts about 3 hours and its tons and tons of fine. So book a wine tasting!

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