Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zoo Animals Date Online!!!???

So this morning I'm laying in bed waiting for my roommate to get out of the shower. While I lay there I like to check my email and read the news via my lovely Blackberry Pearl.
I come across this article whose title reads "Zoos help rare animals find mates online", I pondered clicking on it but I said what they heck she isn't going to be out for another 5 mins so I might as well entertain myself.

So I read the article and find out there is an online database for zoo animals who need mates. How freaking cool and odd at the same time is that? So say there is a lonely male koala at one zoo who needs a mate and there is another lonely female koala at another zoo, their keepers are able to connect with one another via this zoo dating network to see if they would be a perfect mating match. If only was as simple as that, no emotions attached, just need a mate, find me here etc. I know a lot of PETA people say animals have feelings and all that jazz, therefore the two koalas when they meet might not like each other and blagh blagh.

So regardless of the fact that the two koalas might despise one another, I am totally fascinated by the idea that technology can help animals mate and produce more offspring. Think of how man endangered species we can save with this fabulous Zoo Animal Online Dating network!

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