Friday, September 12, 2008

Review for Burn After Reading

A fabulous boss of my gave me free tickets to the see Burn After Reading, the night before it came out in theaters. Any thing that requires you get there an hour ahead of time better be worth the wait. Needless to say, the line around the block and we hesitated not staying in line and doing something else. But hey we waited and waited and we got in yay! It kind sucked having to sit in the front row and stair upwards at the screen but hey who doesn't like to get up close and personal with George Clooney.

So about the movie, waiting in line for an hour with 1,000 other anxious people was entirely worth the wait!

Whenever a movie starts with John Malkovich ranting and raving, you are sucked in!
The movie did not stop being funny, there were moments when I thought that I had take deep breaths and wipe my eyes it was so funny. Every scene was a different famous actor or actress. Such as George Clooney, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, J.K. Simmons, and many many more!

To top it all off Brad Pitt is this over the top gym fanatic who loves to dance while running on the treadmill. He is incredibly stupid and has fabulous one liners that I wish I could say all the time.

In conclusion, I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone because I think everyone should go see it! So I really won't say more. Well I will say one thing, when you go to a theater that is packed to the brim with 600+ people and they are all laughing that is a really really good sign!

PS. was there, read their review.

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