Friday, April 8, 2011

Where to Eat: St. Thomas & St. John, USVI

As you may know I grew on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Since I have lived in Boston for the past 9 years I have had a lot of questions to as what to do when people visit St.Thomas. Mostly it's around food because the others are obvious, go to a beach, sleep in the sun, and snorkel.

Here are restaurants I have been going to for years and highly recommend to eat at if you are Tourist. Please note the STT economy is wicked fickle so some of these place may be closed but if they are open go there, trust me.

Where to eat & what to drink

Red Hook

Downtown – lunch

North Side

  • Sibs (boston bah)
  • Magens Bay (Pizza and Painkillers – lunch)

St. John

  • The Lime Inn (local tasty island fish and steaks)
  • Asolare $$$$$
  • The Fish Trap (local tasty island fish and steaks)

Drinks to Order

  • Bushwacker
  • Painkiller
  • Rum punch
  • Soursap (local fruit drink no liquor)


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