Monday, September 27, 2010

Is This a Joke? - The New England Dessert Showcase Saga Continues

A new email from Anthem Group regarding my refund. Another step to the process. Clearly no one knows what they are doing....

Hi Alexis,

Thank you for your email and I am sorry you did not enjoy your experience at The New England Dessert Showcase. We have spoken with the management of third party discount websites and the quickest resolution is to email them for a refund. The preferred method of refund was internally via Anthem because we want to ensure that you are refunded and refunded properly. With that said, as you purchased through Living Social, please email and please copy This will provide us with a record of your request. If they do not refund you please contact us and we will help facilitate your refund.

Now, each card is different- some may credit mid-week while others may wait until the next statement. It should be no longer than the next statement. I definitely want to see you refunded and will talk with any credit card company necessary if the refund does not go through for whatever reason.


Anthem Group - name changed to protect the slightly not really innocent

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