Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Social Media Hotel of New York City

Close to 1 month ago, I reached out to my friends on Twitter, asking them if they could recommend a hotel bar in New York City near Grand Central to host a tweetup. Not even 20 minutes later I received a reply telling me to contact The Roger Smith Hotel at @RShotel. Because this hotel had a Twitter handle I was able to do some research them on before contacting them. I found out that the bar had great drinks and a lot of people have enjoyed staying at the hotel. So I reached out to them, got an immediate response, and booked the tweetup pretty much all through twitter.

Since I needed to stay near Grand Central overnight I said, what the "hay", let me try out this hotel. I made the right decision.

Not only was my room inexpensive but guest services was really friendly booking over the phone. When I arrived at the hotel I was happy to find that parking was only $35 a night, score #1. Score #2 were the 2 computer monitors on each side of the check-in desk allowing people to check their email or do anything else that they need to do, such as check in for a flight. When I got to my room I was blown away with the size! The room was like an apartment, I had a bed, a couch, a desk, coffee table, dresser, and of course a good sized bed. The air conditioning was on and pumping full speed, if you have been to NYC in the summer you would know how appreciated this is. And the biggest bestest (that is right I said bestest) score of all #4, was free wi-fi! Oh yeah all I had to do was turn my laptop and hop on the internet. No logging in, typing in my room #, and receiving an internet charge of $19.99 for 24 hours of access. Yes it is sad that I appreciate free wifi but if you have traveled as much as I have this past year, you would think it's pretty awesome too!

Score #5 was walking into the bathroom, finding I forgot my toothpaste, and seeing it right in the complimentary toiletries basket. I was fully prepared and ready to go for the tweetup that night. Oh yeah and the bathroom was clean, with robes in the closet.

If you find yourself bored in the room, which is hard to do in NYC, they have a huge list of DVDs that you can select from and ask them to bring to your room. That in my book is very convenient. And if you feel like staying in for the night, the drinks at the bar were magnificent. The bartender wowed me with a Roasted Onion and Garlic Bloody Marry and was very gracious in keeping me company while I waited for the rest of the attendees for the Tweetup to arrive. At the end of the night I slept really well with no noisy hotel neighbors. That was definetly score #6!

In conclusion, I will definetly be staying at the Roger Smith Hotel the next time I'm in New York City.

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