Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Best Restaurant Outside of Boston (for special occasions)

Two times a year in Boston and outer Boston, restaurants offer three-course prix-fixe lunches and dinners for less than $35 per person. The best restaurants to eat at are the expensive restaurants that you would never think to visit.

During Restaurant Week last year my fellow and I dined at Bistro 5 in West Medford, Massachusetts. After we sat down we were waited on hand and foot by an entertaining sever, Angus (not the meat that was his name). When Angus told us that everything on the menu was made from scratch, we knew we were in for a treat. We were allowed to try some of the wines from the extensive list before we were pulled a generous glass or two. I started my 3 course menu off with a melt in your mouth black lobster ravioli, followed by mouth watering salmon, ending with a pot of warm hot chocolate mouse. My counter part at dinner was able to soak up every last drop of his Muscles with their home made bread and dip his bread in the red wine reduction from his steak. Each course came out on time and the glasses on the table were never empty.

Last but not least that I would like to comment on is the ambiance in the restaurant. It was extremely romantic and beautiful. The walls are dark red with Jester art, dark chairs, metal butcher tables, and candles lit everywhere. The restaurant is not loud, allowing you to have a private conversation with the person sitting right across from you.

One tip I do have is don't try to dine here without a reservation, you will either wait or while or have to sit at the bar. The other tip I have is dine here! You will receive great service, great food, and a romantic dining experience. We loved it so much that this year my Birthday surprise was another night at this restaurant.

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