Monday, March 16, 2009

Online Video-Related Technologies

The third category of presentations at Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator, Online Video-Related Technologies, has finished.

Here is a quick overview of who presented and their "big idea":

MotionNotes - Houston, TX

MotionNotes began their presentation by stating that “email is good for some things and bad for other things.” Their product does not replace traditional media, but enhances it. With MotionNotes users can create a site people can visit for sharing personalized media. Users can do multiple things with this web-based platform, including making online reservations, personalized Christmas cards, and image slideshows.

The main concern with the judges was that this presentation did state that the product is “…sometimes a replacement for email – sometimes.” The lack of clarity therefore confused the judges and could possibly confuse users.

PortalVideo - Wellesley, MA

PortalVideo rough-cut edits over the internet to cut digital editing time in half. Drag and drop methods allow users to take transcripts and video cuts and place them where they would want them to be in a film strip. Realtime plays are also available to users.

“What problem do you solve?” asked one judge. PortalVideo said they solve the problem of not having to use an edit suite to figure out what clips you want to use while shuffling around loads of paper.


Emeryville, CA

Tubemogel allows content creators to upload their videos, and share them with all top video sharing sites. It also provides syndication, aggregated analytics, promotion and guaranteed viewership. Users can get rich audience analytics side by side with their syndicated analytics. The free product allows people to see reviews and ratings of their video, and the subscription allows them to see the deep gritty of analytics.

As mentioned, Tubemogel offers a guaranteed viewership, which can be done through a cost-per-view program. TubeMogel sends a video to featured spots; if the video is clicked on to be viewed, people pay each time it is viewed.

Spawn Labs

Austin, TX

Spawn Labs allows a gamer toplay their console games via a Internet-connected computer. This also provides game developers access to dev kits in real time. Users can plug the game controller into their computer, log onto their site, access their consoles and play straight from their computer. Users can also access your favorite television show if someone is hogging the TV.

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